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21st century innovations in architecture will not mean coming up with yet another never-been-built gimmick or conceptual experiment. Instead, innovation will focus on the process of designing and the process of making, embracing new technologies, new cultural shifts and new challenges.


In the ECOnnect process, digital, customizable blueprints of physical building parts could be shared and developed globally like pieces of source code for a script, before directly being constructed locally with our digital fabrication devices.


The same unique digital model that is used for design and analysis can be sent directly to digital fabrication machines to be physicalized as prototype or as final product on full scale. This way, the gap between design and making that has existed for over centuries is finally removed.


With 100% digitally fabricated houses, the creation of 100 unique houses is as cost-effective as 100 different ones. Each house can fully reflect its climatological, cultural and technical context and clients preferences.


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