Our Philosophy

We Connect Digital Fabrication with Ultimate Challenges

“We’ve had a Digial Revolution. What’s coming is the revolution in Digital Fabrication” – Neil Gershenfeld 2008

A direct link between atoms and bits has the potential to create a New Industrial Revolution that is not only about new ways of producing physical objects, but also about new ways of collaborating, sharing, marketing and financing. As architecture is in essence an activity about making physical things, these predictions will raise highly relevant questions regarding the new role of architects, clients and building construction.

ECOnnect is exploring these new ways and new roles to find new potential.

“By 2030, the population of the world living in cities will have increased from 3 to 5 billion, with 2 billion of these living below the poverty line. The problem the world needs to solve is to build a 1-million-inhabitant city per week for the next 20 years for $10,000 per family.” – Aravena 2011

ECOnnect combines the potential of a predicted New Industrial Revolution with one of the greatest challenges our world is facing today. Together with our partner ECOboard, our ultimate goal is to provide everyone on this planet with comfortable, sustainable and fully customizable housing.

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